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Get Ready To Savor The Wood Fired Pizza in Kasauli

Been to Kasauli and haven’t had the wood fired pizza? Well, you skipped a lot then. Having a wood fired pizza in Kasauli is a mandatory sneak-out for pizza lovers. Prepared with freshly baked pizza bread and the goodness of freshly harvested veggies from the farms in the most exotic way by the master chefs of Kasauli, the wood fired is irresistibly favorite of all.  

Find the best wood fired pizza in Kasauli at the Sunrise Cafe of Kasauli Hills Resort. We bet your taste buds would love this delightful recipe and your vacation joy will double up. From kids to oldies, there is no one who can resist the amazing flavor of the wood fired pizza in Kasauli. So, make a reservation at the Kasauli Hills Resort today and fall for the aroma of freshly cooked pizza.



"The Taste"

We offer a variety of delicacies cooked with top quality ingredients and a dining experience resembling the nature. Have an ultimate dining experience. Sunrise Cafe offers a feast of delicacies created by the chef.

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